Yelfris Valdés


“When it comes to Yelfris Valdés and his countless music projects, you can be sure of two things: their quality and ability to surprise you.”

Rhythm Passport Magazine

London based Cuban trumpet player Yelfris Valdes has become a reference and one of the most in demand in the London music scene since he arrived in 2014. He was a member of the acclaimed Cuban band Sierra Maestra for ten years. Due to his versatility and improvisation abilities he has been requested to play with big international stars. From the new UK generation such as Yussef Kamal, Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia, grime legend Kano MC and Quantic music, to big classics like Chucho Valdés, Billy Harper, Charlie Hunter, Yannick Noa, Sugaray Rayford and Joao Donato just to name a few. Yelfris has released two solo albums: “The World of Eshu Dina” 2018 which is fresh approach to the Afro Cuban Jazz.

Yelfris debuts his new project “For the Ones..” which has been described as Hypnotic Cuban Nu Electronica. Here, the trumpeter has taken a more adventurous and experimental shift in his composition: ‘For this album, I worked deeply and meticulously to find a more layered sound including a trance feeling with grounded rhythms’. Yelfris has deliberately connected with his Yoruba religion and its shamanic chants, mixing that with the use of the electronics creates a hypnotic state. He has been able to mutate the acoustic sound of his trumpet into an unrecognisable horn without losing his power and tenderness. 

The rhythm section has all the latin and African influences of the traditional Cuban music but when they fusion with the complex harmonies and electronics, it develops to an unexpected place becoming the new Yelfris Valdes stamp in contemporary music. 

The meaning underneath “For the Ones..” is exactly that: this music is for anybody who wants to experience this new journey, for those that don’t put limits to creativity and empowerment. 

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